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Advanced Reservations

While it is sometimes possible to obtain a TimAir Limited flight without making advance reservations, it is advisable that you always reserve your fight ahead of time. Advance reservations enable TimAir Operations to schedule a plane for you when you arrive at the TimAir Check In Counter in the Main Terminal. While your local, professional travel agent can make your charter reservations for you, we encourage our passengers to easily make their own reservations directly, using the Advanced Reservations Request Form below.

Should you wish to speak to a customer service representative directly, you can call TimAir Reservations at 876-952-2516 or you can send a fax to 876-979-1113. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cancellation: In the event your vacation plans should change, you are asked to please notify TimAir as soon as possible, in order that the plane reserved for you can be released for other passengers. Thank you.

Advanced Reservations Request Form

To submit your advance reservations, simply fill in the blanks in the form below completely and click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form (only click the "Submit" button once). Please note that all of the information in red is required in order to process your reservation request. The information will be received directly at TimAir Limited in Montego Bay.

Note: If you experience any problems in submitting the reservations form below, or should you not receive your Confirmation within two days after submitting the form, we apologize for any inconvenience and we ask that you immediately resend your Advance Reservations Request directly to, or telephone TimAir direct at 876-952-2516. (Please also mention that you had a problem sending the form from the website.)

Thank you.

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