Arriving TimAir Passenger Information

If you are planning to fly on TimAir, immediately upon entering the Transportation Hall look for the TimAir Representative. He/she will be located at Desk #12, the TIMAIR Desk. The desk is located immediately to your left-front as you enter the Hall. It has a TIMAIR sign above it. Just identify yourself to the representative and he will arrange for you to be taken to the TimAir check-in counter in the main terminal building.

You should also check in at the arrival desk for your hotel or resort. The TimAir representative will be happy to help you find the appropriate desk, prior to going to the TimAir Limited check-in counter.

Arriving At your Vacation Destination

Arrival3Flights to most of TimAir's Jamaican destinations are relatively short -- flying time from MoBay to Negril is a mere fourteen minutes from takeoff roll until touchdown. Upon landing, your pilot will taxi to the terminal area and give you the all-clear to deplane. Your bags will be unloaded for you and taken to the parking area.

While some of the resorts provide airport transfers, it is often quicker to go ahead and use one of the waiting taxis to get to your destination resort, hotel or villa.