TimAir Limited flies to and from all of the major resort areas on the island.

While in flight, passengers are afforded some spectacular birds eye view of Jamaica, an island of incomparable beauty. However, the main object of using TimAir remains for passengers to get to their destination quickly and safely.

Convenience and time saved allows passengers extra hours on the beach. Passengers flying on TimAir will already be sunning on a sandy beach long before the bus arrives by road. For example, the flying time from Montego Bay to Negril is a short fourteen minutes flight, from takeoff roll to touchdown, versus an hour and forty-five minutes by bus.

TimAir's Sightseeing Services

Always on the lookout for new ways to enhance the experience of visitors to Jamaica, TimAir can provide tailor made, aerial sightseeing flights. Views of the verdant Jamaican mountains off to one side of the flight path and the deep azure blue of the Caribbean Sea on the other side are beautiful to behold.


Visitors to the island can join one of TimAir's own exciting day trips over Negril and cross country. They can fly over the unique West End cliffs of Negril, view Negril's 100 year old lighthouse and the sandy strand of its famed Seven Mile Beach, circle one of the haunting great houses of the North Coast or overfly the high peaks of the Cockpit Country and the famous Blue Mountains.


TimAir has regular domestic air shuttle service between all of the major tourism and business centers on the island. Contact one of the offices for details and rates.